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Welcome to Silver Creek Conservation Club!


 Tuesday Night Practice for May 26th, 2015 has been cancelled. We will resume on June 2nd, 2015.


Phase one of the berm work is now completed. The work that was done now corrects the majority of the safety concerns that were over looked in the past. SCCC thanks RCI and it’s crew for the excellent work they did on the job and we are looking forward to having them come back out for Phase 2, which could possibly be the middle of the summer.

Photos of the berm work can be seen on the Gallery Page.


 Damage to club property

On March 17th, 2015 between 10-11:30am, a silver Chevrolet HHR was in Bay 8. There were 2 white males in the bay, shooting. A member reported that after they left, he discovered that they had stuck a target on a barrel and shot at it. They also took a target stand, placed on the top of the barrel and used it to hold clay birds. They proceeded to shoot the birds and in the process, damaged the stand.

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If any member knows who drives the above vehicle, please contact the Board through the website’s contact page and direct the email to Officers. Your identity will remain confidential. We take any damage to the club seriously and will take any and all actions to ensure that those responsible are held accountable and that they are punished.   


Tuesday Night Practice.

Thinking of trying, IDPA, USPSA or organized shooting? We will resume the Tuesday Night Practice on March 17th. Start time will be around 4 or 4:30, if there are shooters ready to start. Cost is $5 a shooter and proceeds will go to the club for targets and pasters. Cost is for one run and if all other shooters have gone, then you can run it again. One “stage” for right now, round count about 20 rounds.

This is an excellent opportunity for those that have been interested in finding out what IDPA, USPSA or any type of organized shooting events are like, without the pressure of a match setting.

As always, we are a cold range. Firearms are not to be loaded until the command is given by the Range Officer. You will need a quality holster, one magazine pouch, belt, handgun and the appropriate magazines/speedloaders.


Communication issues with membership emails.

It’s come to our attention that there are a small number of members that are still having issues with receiving emails. We ask those that are having those issues, that if you see this message that it’s possible that the emails from us are going into you spam/junk folder. Make sure your add your safe senders list in your email options. If you are still having issues, please contact us though the site and we will try to resolve the issue. If you need to update your email address, please use the contact button and let us know.

*If you think that the email you provided the club when you did your 2015 renewal could be wrong, has been changed since then or a mistake might have been made when it was given to us, please use the contact page and email us. Make sure you provide your full name, membership number on the back of your card and correct or updated email address. We want to make sure they we are reaching all the members that provided us with an email at the time of their membership renewal.




We are not currently accepting any new applications at this time. Please check back often and we will put up an announcement when we know we can accept new members. Thank you, SCCC Board and Officers


SCCC to again host the Indiana State USPSA Match

We are proud to announce that Silver Creek Conservation Club will once again host the Indiana USPSA Section match, titled The “Indiana 400” Match, September 11th through the 13th. SCCC held this match last year and it was a huge success. So far there are 321 registered shooters for this match and the match is still 6 months away! We will be needing volunteers to help with set up and running the match. Please remember that this match helps the club in raising funds as well as awareness to the shooting sports. Last year we had a very positive story on WDRB that was very pro-gun and presented the club in a very positive light. More info about the match can be found at


To all members and guests

Please remember to clean up after you are done shooting. Place all target stands and sticks at the back the bay and place any unwanted targets in the burn barrels. Vision barriers, barrels and spools are not targets and are not to be shot.

The club needs your help in keeping it clean.

Please report any unsafe behavior to any club Officer. If possible, please get a license plate number and a detailed description of the vehicle and the person or persons acting in a unsafe manner.