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Welcome to Silver Creek Conservation Club!




We are pleased to announce that Silver Creek Conservation Club is reopening applications for membership. 


We will be taking applications until we reach our maximum membership limit, and we will be processing 15-20 applications per month until we have reached capacity; applicants will be processed in the order in which I receive responses.


Please note the applications must be submitted in person at a club meeting. Applications are accepted by invitation only so please do not come to a meeting with an application without being directly invited by the Vice President.


Membership dues are $100 per year, and the initiation fee is $200. The total of $300 is not due until you have been accepted as a member.


There will be a background check fee of $25 due with the application. No background check fee is required for applicants with a current CCW or equivalent.


Keep in mind that an invitation to submit an application is NOT a guarantee of membership.


If you are interested in applying for membership please send an email to with your name and phone number.


Andrew S. Zeh

VP, Silver Creek Conservation Club

In addition to the regular field type stage we have on Tuesdays, this Tuesday the 3rd of May, 2016 we will have an addition stage.

This will be a 5 round count Backup Gun (BUG) stage.  Though you will need a holster or a gun bag the stage will not require drawing.  Start will be either low ready or from a table.  This is mostly for small guns (though you may use any handgun) such as a snubby, Shield, G42/43 and we will even allow .22’s, .25’s, .380’s etc.

So bring your pocket pistol and come out and join us.


Joe Kelty





New News-

1. Tuesday Night practice will resume on March 15th at 5pm. 1-2 stages, will be set up for the session, depending on set up help. Help will be needed to set up, run and tear down. Set up will begin at 4pm, Joe Kelty will be running Tuesday Night practice.


2. The entry gate code has been changed. Please refer to your 2016 membership card for the correct code.


Wednesday Night Trap has resumed. Come out and join us for a fun night of trap. Shooting starts at 5:00PM.



Members the following is the results of the voting for board members
VP. Andrew Zeh
Treasurer Carl Ester
Board members
2 year term- Ed Rachford, Chad Haas, Jessica Zeh
1 year term Tim Nein, Dennis Bower
Brian Jueckstock



To all members and guests

Please remember to clean up after you are done shooting. Place all target stands and sticks at the back the bay and place any unwanted targets in the burn barrels. Vision barriers, barrels and spools are not targets and are not to be shot.

The club needs your help in keeping it clean.

Please report any unsafe behavior to any club Officer. If possible, please get a license plate number and a detailed description of the vehicle and the person or persons acting in a unsafe manner.